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Anonymous asked:

I saw on your fb that you work for the company that has part in making big brother. Do you have a role in that and if so what is it? How do you feel about that type of tele?

While I haven’t worked on Big Brother, I have worked on a few of the bigger shows (Biggest Loser, Beauty and the Geek).

Currently I’m working for Dish Nation, which some may argue is not to far off the reality path, but is certainly it’s own beast and genre. 

I’ve never been very interested in watching reality TV. If anything I’d be slightly more interested in the competition based shows, I’ll watch a cupcake war or Ace of Cakes when over at my friends house (her dogs “watch” them). 

Reality shows always fall flat for me, and I have no interest at all in those shows that glorify rich idiots (house wives of anything, etc). If ever there was a reality show of “We’re colonizing Mars” or “HOLY SHIT Giant Squid attack” I’d probably watch at least a few episodes of that.

Feel free to ask me anything!

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